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Leadership is an ‘Inside-Out Job’ that Starts with Feeling Good About Yourself and Others

Achieving that is Quicker and Easier than We’ve Been Led to Believe

Although I achieved business success early on and maintained it, I was doing that through sheer willpower and determination, pushing through the barriers of chronic pain that I’d endured for 20 years as a result of a near-fatal parachuting accident.

Like so many of us that are determined to succeed, I was fighting to push through the obstacles. There’s nothing wrong with persistence, but I knew that I was nowhere near the leader I wanted to be or knew I could be, both for myself and others (more specifically, I could be a real bitch at work when I came under stress).

Eventually, I went through three burnouts in ten years, leaving my health and long-term wellbeing at serious risk. You can read about my experiences, how I overcame them, and the full story of how you can become your own best leader, in my book, The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders.

That being said, here’s how I can help you more directly, in person, to achieve quantum leaps in your effectiveness as a confident leader.


Leadership Starts Within

To make lasting positive change, we need to do so based on solid foundations that we can rely on, both in the short and long term.

When it comes to being truly effective leaders, we can only become the leaders we want to be once we’ve effectively dealt with the internal blocks – physical, mental and emotional – that are getting in our way. That’s a profound truth. It’s not sexy, but once you absorb that truth, it’s extremely liberating. It took me many years to learn this, but when I did, the transformation and results that I experienced represented a rapid and sustained quantum leap forward.

The next question is: how do we do this in the most effective way, naturally, by working with who we are and not compromising?


A Simple and Powerful Three-Step Process

My specialty is teaching people how to remove mental obstacles and blocks, and how to build your self-esteem so that you’re able to use all your knowledge, skills and gifts to their full potential.

My work follows these three steps, which are proven to deliver the greatest lasting results quickly, simply and naturally:

  1. Unblocking what’s getting in your way of operating at your highest leadership potential (for yourself and others)
  2. Actively building your self-esteem, enabling you to become a dynamic catalyst for others
  3. Creating a bold action plan that you are highly motivated and energized to follow through on


Dealing With the Inner Blocks – Once and For All

We all get the ‘gift’ of challenges in our lives that will shape and test us. In my own life, I dealt with the traumatic effects of physical pain, and it cost me far more than physical discomfort.

Finally, after trying every medical, holistic and other kind of personal development approach out there, I found a solution in what is known as Thought Field Techniques (TFT). Although I was extremely skeptical at first, it has delivered dramatic results.

That experience is why I have dedicated my life to helping other people use this profound body of work. And frankly, it’s been an amazing journey…


Proven Methods for Clearing Your Blocks and Releasing Your Full Potential

Through many years of experience as a TFT therapist and trainer, I have helped thousands of people enhance their quality of life, and thus, their ability to release the true leader inside them – both for themselves and others. Since 2009, I have given presentations/lectures in 9 countries in USA/Africa and Europe – in 3 languages – on this particular subject.

As a licensed TFT instructor, I provide complete training programs for individuals and businesses.

Depending on your situation and challenges, I will tailor our work together to ensure quick and lasting results. Typically, this involves anywhere from 3 hours to 4–6 days to help you unlock your full potential, as I have done for thousands of others.

If required, I can also provide you with in-depth specialist courses on making quantum shifts when dealing with issues such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Fear of public speaking
  3. Pain
  4. Addiction
  5. Trauma


For Fellow TFT Therapists

I also provide complete training programs for professional TFT therapists to advance your skills and elevate your professional practice.


Programs for Going Even Further, for the Greatest Impact

For even better results, I teach the Tipping Point Methodology (TPM), which enables you to learn how to consciously utilize the power of your unconscious mind in new and far more effective ways. You will learn how to boost your own and others’ self-esteem, meaning that all of you will seek increasingly higher goals.

With a new and higher level of leadership, you will be able to turn active opposition into cooperation and build an attractive and positive workplace. This extensive methodology normally includes the use of Thought Field Techniques (TFT).