Tipping Point Methodology

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Tipping Point Methodology (TPM)

TPM was developed and founded by the Norwegian couple Mia Skriver and her late husband Terje Skriver. TPM utilises scientific knowledge about the conscious and unconscious mind. The method was developed to build long-term, value-based and empathic leadership for individuals, teams, organisations and society in general. The objective is to reach a tipping point in leadership style, where positive development is growing uncontrollably, as people and systems ‘infect’ each other with new programmes.

The concept is made and used for achieving breakthroughs. The steps leading to breakthroughs are methodical, i.e. reproducible. The methodology is a composition of the best functioning parts of the major psychological principal directions. Users of the methodology achieve outstanding results through the use of emotions and not in spite of them. Use of the methodology brings out the best in people. Freedom replaces control and self-discipline replaces discipline. The effect increases proportionally with the level of transparency in relationships. One hundred percent transparency gives maximum effect.