Thought Field Techniques

Thought Field Techniques (TFT)Thought Field Techniques (TFT)

TFT / Thought Field Therapy / Thought Field Techniques or just “tapping’, is the initial and original method within Energy Psychology. It was founded by Roger Callahan, Ph.D. in 1980 and developed by him through the 80s and 90s. Mats Uldal brought it to Norway in 1997, and he developed and simplified the method even further. This way of doing TFT is also referred to as Simplified TFT with AQT (Advanced Questioning Techniques), or Neuro Tapping.

TFT utilises the internal energy system of the body to decrease or neutralise unwanted or unnecessary feelings. It is especially effective for feelings that are irrational or irrationally intense. It has normally a very instant effect, and it is easy to learn and use. As it is free, you have it with you at all times, and there are no known side effects. I recommend that you try it on every discomfort or pain. Experience has shown that it works on the most unthinkable conditions.

Bonus videos for The Book on Quantum leaps for Leaders
Below please find five simple demo videos made for you as practical support for the step-by-step tapping guides in The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders.

Some important information before you start:
1.  Exchange the examples in the videos with your own personal challenges.
2.  Before you start tapping, be sure to activate the feeling you would like to decrease or get rid of. Allow yourself to see the pictures/think the thoughts that trigger the emotion. If you do not actually feel the feeling when you start working, the procedures might not work – or work very slowly.
3.  Don’t give up if the tapping doesn’t work right away – or if your problem comes back. Continue working on it, perhaps from a different perspective.
4.  Remember: you cannot do anything wrong. The worst thing that might happen is that nothing happens.
5.  For more information on each topic – read the book.