Vision, Mission, Passion

My Vision, Mission and Passion

My one true vision that keeps me ticking and motivated on a daily basis is the image of a sustainable and resourceful world with a confident and secure population that lives abundantly on Nature’s own terms. All my short-term activities are sub-goals towards my unwavering life goal: a safe, empathic and self-developing world for people to live and thrive in.

My personal main contribution is offering education, mainly by training influential leaders and other leadership trainers; giving them skills that will meet the future demand for truly engaged talent in organisations of the future. The very first effect achieved is healthy and sustainable workplaces. Reality proves that empathic leadership leads to better financial results!

Another important contribution is my work with the humanitarian foundation ‘Strong Again’. Read more about it here

Looking further forward, I have a bold and expansive action plan for a better world where we can all thrive. It takes me up to the year 2062, when I will be 100 years old. This plan includes you and all the good forces out there in order to reach a tipping point in heart-based leadership throughout our entire life cycle. Will you join me in my effort to reach this tipping point by being a part of it?