The Concept

NettstedsikonNew Skills for the Leaders of the Future!

Quantum Leaps for Leaders is a holistic concept using simple, repeatable methods that incorporate the latest knowledge about both your heart and mind.

This proven, breakthrough approach enables you to become the best version of an Effective and Efficient Leader – from the Inside Out.

Here’s what’s in it for you and your business or organization:


  • Uncover the best in you and other people, building true and lasting self-esteem
  • Seamlessly set goals that always lead to action, and increasingly higher goals
  • Start performing heart-based, long-term and empathic leadership for better economical and social results
  • Transform resistance into cooperation and find solutions that work in the long-term
  • Build efficient and smooth teamwork cultures


To learn more, get a sample of my latest book, The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders, or read how I can help you via my Courses and Services for Leaders