Bitta is giving a 15 min presentation for her peers in ATL Europe
(ATL = Assosiation of Transformational Leaders).
The task was to tell her personal and honest story.



Uganda 2012 – Teaching catechists Thought field Therapy (TFT) in Hima (3 min 48 sec)
Here you can see Bitta teaching TFT by demonstrating the method for the class in Hima.
Our team from Norway, USA, England and partly Rwanda spent a month in Kasese District
to teach TFT and do a large scale RCT study on TFT against PTSD.

Uganda 2012 – TFT against pain (30 sec)
One of the catechists we are training in TFT experiences the power of TFT himself. He
will in just two days be a TFT therapist in our large scale RCT study on Thought Field
Therapy as a tool for delivering relief services to survivors of violent conflict in Uganda.


Bonus videos for The Book on Quantum leaps for Leaders
Below please find five simple demo videos made for you as practical support for the step-by-step tapping guides in The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders.

Some important information before you start:
1. Exchange the examples in the videos with your own personal challenges.
2. Before you start tapping, be sure to activate the feeling you would like to decrease or get rid of. Allow yourself to see the pictures/think the thoughts that trigger the emotion. If you do not actually feel the feeling when you start working, the procedures might not work – or work very slowly.
3. Don’t give up if the tapping doesn’t work right away – or if your problem comes back. Continue working on it, perhaps from a different perspective.
4. Remember: you cannot do anything wrong. The worst thing that might happen is that nothing happens.
5. For more information on each topic – read the book.